We are deep into the Connecticut winter which means we need to discuss the important things to keep your roof healthy throughout the cold season with our winter roofing guide! The winter brings numerous drastic and harsh changes in weather which can take a serious toll on Connecticut roofs. We are going to tell you what to look for and the steps to take when preventing or treating leaky roofs in this winter roofing guide.

winter roofing guide

What to look out for from our winter roofing guide

During the winter, we see many signs that show a roof needs help. Here are some of the winter roofing guide warning signs.

Blocked roof drains or gutters make it difficult for water to pass through to escape. This is something that should be taken care of during any season, but during winter the undrained water can build up and form ice dams or packed gutters. The excessive load placed on your roof or gutters can cause serious roof problems. Additionally, ice dam can cause serious problems to the structural integrity of your roof. The icicles that form from these problems are also dangers that must be avoided.

Snow build up is something we can see in Connecticut after heavy snowfall. The excess weight can become problematic, especially on older homes and buildings. You may want to consider hiring a company to remove the snow if it is excessive. Never consider walking on your roof in snow, wet, or icy conditions.

Missing or damaged shingles. These problems become even worse in the winter months due to the difficult weather conditions. The Guaranteed Roofing winter roofing guide recommends addressing these issues prior to the onset of winter in order to avoid bigger problems when the weather becomes poor.

Inspect your roof

One of the more important things to do to avoid winter roofing guide problems is to inspect your roof prior to the winter season. In our roof inspection guide, you can learn how to inspect your roof from the ground or the steps to take to hire the right roof inspection professional. Many insurance carriers recommend having your roof professionally inspected twice a year. Once in the spring and once in the fall. This way, you can be prepared for anything that may arise prior to or after the winter season.

Taking care or winter roofing problems

Although bi-yearly inspections are good and will help you stay on top of any roofing problems, let us discuss what to do when a problem happens. It is important to be a proactive homeowner and keep on the lookout for roofing damage. In the linked guide, we explain some of the issues you may notice, but here is a short list as well.

The winter season in Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts can be very difficult to navigate. This winter roofing guide is a very short introduction to what professional roofers consider and navigate when roofing throughout the cold months in southern New England. As a homeowner, you have many things to worry about and consider. That is why we recommend leaving the roofing to the professionals. If you have any concerns regarding your roof or would like a roof inspection, please contact us for help by calling or texting (860) 546-6292 or by visiting this page.

Guaranteed Roofing prides itself on serving roofing CT, RI, and MA with integrity and a professional manner. Our winter roofing guide professionals are here to help you with any roofing problems you may have. Our roofers are here for all residential roofing and commercial roofing needs.