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Fast and efficient roof repairs to protect and enhance the look of your roof

Dealing with roof damage can be stressful.   Whatever your reasons for needing a repair, you can take confidence in a licensed, certified and top rated local roof repair company with more than 20 years experience.

Sealing leaks and replacing damaged shingles will help to extend its useful lifespan, and in many cases stave off the need for a more expensive roof replacement.

(860) 546-6292

Roof leak detection

Not all repairs are obvious

It’s not always easy to know you have a roof repair problem on your hands.  For one it can be difficult to see your roof from the ground. 

You might suspect you have a roof leak for instance, but it’s not always clear.  Water stains can be some distance from the roof itself – which is where experienced leak detection comes in.

A professional roofer is trained to spot the kinds of deceptive tricks water leaks can play.  Don’t risk climbing on your roof yourself.

Correctly and safely diagnose the problem with a roof leak detection service.

We fix all types of roofing:

Why Choose Guaranteed Roofing?

Trusted in the local community

JPW Building, LLC has won an award in The "Windham County Reader’s Choice Awards" in three of the four years we have been in existence, and two years in a row.

Approved by leading roof brands

Guaranteed Roofing are recognized and approved TAMKO Pro certified, GAF certified and Owen's Cornering preferred contractors.

Latest techniques & quality materials

All our roof contractors undergo regular training to ensure the highest quality of craftsmanship on every repair job.

Only quality materials from reputable brands are selected to ensure long-lasting reliability.

100s of Roofs Repaired Since 1994

Sprague CT Roof Repair
Sprague CT Roof Leak Replacement
Missing Shingle Replacement
Manchester, CT Leak Repair
Manchester, CT Leak Repair
Emergency Tarping in Plainfield CT
Brent G.
18:16 25 Jan 24
Quick and quality work, did my whole roof (including repairs) in one day, looks like they use quality materials too.
Carl A.
18:15 19 Oct 23
If you need roof repaired or replaced this is the company to call. I called for a repair and they were very responsive. Thier representive Sean, came out and inspected what we needed done. I had the estimate the following day and the work was scheduled. Sean was very knowledgeable and professional. He did an excellent job doing our repair. In todays world of tryng to find good companies that actually show up or communicate, Guaranteed Roofing beats them all. Extemely satisfied with the service and repair.
Gerald B.
05:20 15 Aug 23
I needed my leaky metal roof repaired as soon as possible. I called 12 roofing companies, some didn't call me back and some wouldn't repair a metal roof. The fastest company would take 4 days for an estimate and 3 weeks to do the work. Guaranteed Roofing sent Sean out the next day. He called me from the roof and I authorized him to patch several leaks that morning instead of waiting for weeks. He did a fantastic job for a very resonable price and sent photos of the holes and his finished repairs. Thank you Sean and Guaranteed Roofing!
Jonathan F
12:45 08 Aug 23
High marks all around. Low costs, good materials, one of the best guarantees I'd seen, with knowledgeable staff and one of the less stressful sales pitches. Had a thunderstorm last night and all my leaks are gone, and only a week and a little bit after signing the contract.
Kevin W.
19:26 22 Jun 23
Guaranteed Roofing did a fabulous job on the repair needed on our roof by a doghouse dormer. The roof replacement company we used just 5 years ago missed some basic steps, and is now out of business. Jennifer, Tom, and Sean were all very professional, and made sure at every step things were transparent and clear. We have every confidence that things will go well thanks to their work quality.
George S.
17:18 16 Jun 23
Shawn came to fix a roof leak and did so the day after I contacted them. This was just in time to avoid a rainstorm that would have leaked substantially. Will definitely be talking to these people when I have roof issues!
David W.
00:07 01 Jun 23
I had a complete new roof installed. Quite a bit of new plywood had to be installed, as well some of the tresses were rotted and had to be repaired/replaced. Norm texted me pictures of the damage and the price to repair it. I knew some plywood would need replacing, and the contract specified the price per sheet. They did a very nice job on the roof and left the property nice and clean.
East Lyme Roof Replacement Before and After Photo

Call us today to schedule your roof inspection

Our fully-trained roof repair technicians are taught to find and repair the root of your roof problem.

Our experts are here to help you quickly and efficiently to ensure you don’t need to call us again until your roof is due for roof replacement. Contact us for roof boot repair, missing shingles, leaky roof, and emergency roof tarping. We’re here to solve your roof problems.

Common Questions About Roof Repairs

We service Windham County, most all of CT, most of RI and some of MA.  See our full service area.

  • Missing, cracking or damaged shingles
  • Ice damming
  • Clogged gutters
  • Damaged flashing/joints
  • Soffit & fascia damage
  • Worn or damaged Pipe Collars
  • Don’t neglect maintenance

  • Ensure proper installation
  • Replace missing and damaged shingles
  • Trim nearby overgrown trees

Roof repairs can be an affordable way to stop a roof leak while buying time before having to replace your roof.

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