Commercial Construction

Commercial construction projects can be challenging. 

There are zoning rules, environmental rules and costs for labor and materials. Mishaps can be costly.  

Regardless of the job, big or small, companies need to be able to rely on the firm they hire. JPW Building, LLC has years of commercial construction experience and has worked on projects totaling millions of dollars. 

When hiring JPW Building to complete your commercial construction project, you can rest assured knowing you’re getting a company with a proven record of success. 

We get the job done right the first time. When you hire us, you hire a company with a decades long track record of projects completed on time, on budget and superbly crafted.

Commercial Construction Services

Can we help your business​?

New Construction

JPW Building LLC offers complete design assistance, plan, and build services. Customers can hire us to complete the new construction job from start to finish. When you hire us, you get a design-build contractor who will see the project through. We streamline the build process, saving you time and money.

Interior Fit-Out

Businesses sometimes need to update, change, or remodel the interior of their commercial space. JPW Building can assist in designing new, more efficient spaces to conduct business or showcase products. Moving into a new commercial space? No problem, we can help with any design or build project you need completed.


The framing of a building or unit is the backbone of the whole operation. Sturdy and to-code framing is critical to the structural integrity of a business. Being in business for over 20 years, JPW Building has experience with wood and metal framing on residential and commercial properties. 

Exterior Improvements

The first thing a customer or potential client will notice regarding a business is the shape of the building when they approach it. Hence the critical need for an aesthetic, professionally designed area and up to date exterior. Our Connecticut building professionals can help you design and build an exterior that will increase curb appeal. 


Most businesses eventually need to adapt to changing climates and re-purpose their space. As you can see in this project, the bowling alley decided to take out existing bowling lanes and install a new golf simulator. This is a common theme we see in businesses throughout Connecticut. We can help you update and renovate you space to fit your business needs.

Building Design

We can assist you in designing a comfortable, aesthetic environment for your customers to enjoy. 

Commercial Construction

We’re here to assist you in all phases of your commercial construction project. Be sure to contact us and we can discuss your project further. 

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