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Although usually associate with commercial buildings, flat roofs are can be used for structures such as additions and garages.

There are several types of flat roof material to choose when installing or replacing an existing solution. Each have their own set of advantages, disadvantages and associated price-points.

If you’re looking for a new flat roof, the first place to look is your budget, with several options available, then decide if it meets the standard you require. If you’re going to be having heavy foot traffic for instance, you’ll need to go with a tougher material. For residential flat roofs we usually recommend EPDM. For larger commercial structures we regularly install Duro-Last PVC.

Need a flat roof installation or repair? JPW Building LLC are guaranteed roofing specialists.

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Serving Windham, Tolland, New London, Middlesex, Hartford, New Haven counties, and RI and MA.

Flat Roof Materials Compared

Built up Flat Roofs (BUR)/Self-Adhered Mod Bit

A built up flat roof is one of the oldest methods available, but also one of the most reliable.  A built up roof is the most common solution and the one you’re most likely to see. This type of flat roof involves installing multiple layers on top of one another to create a strong, leak resistant roof. Self-Adhered Mod Bit is a very similar process to BUR but incorporates as few as one cap sheet with multiple base layers under. Self-Adhered Mod Bit is the most recent and the style we use at Guaranteed Roofing. A BUR roof typically has three or more layers: Bitumen, ply sheets and one or more surfacing material. Average lifespan: 15-30 years – this depends on number of layers applied (also effects the warranty) 


EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) is a type of synthetic rubber made from recycled materials.  It comes in large sheets and can be installed with just one.  It is an affordable flat roof material, but not the most durable.  EPDM requires clear weather conditions for installation.

Available in black, white, and different thicknesses.

Average lifespan: 20-30 years


Thermoplastic olefin is a single ply membrane of chemically bonded rubber, ethylene and propylen, it is close in appearance to rubber.  It has the benefit of being protective against bacteria and mold growth.  

TPO can be found in grey, black and white.

Average lifespan: 15-20 years


PVC flat roofs have been around since the 1960s and are a popular choice.  They are generally stronger than EPDM and TPO, though more expensive. PVC roofs are installed using a heat gun to maintain strength and leak resistance at the seams.  It is then screwed to the surface.  Installing a PVC flat roof can be tricky and requires professional knowledge.

JPW Building / Guaranteed Roofing are certified DURO-LAST PVC installers.

Average lifespan: 20-30 years

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Inspect your roof twice per year and after heavy rain/snow to check the drainage is working correctly.  The best times you inspect your flat roof are March and November.

Only if there are signs of damage.  A roof contractor can check the cause of the build up and recommend appropriate action.

Flat roofs are built on a slight incline and are not absolutely flat. 

Yes you can, however this is not recommended if you need frequent access.

We service all of Windham County and New London County CT including: Plainfield, Woodstock, Willimantic, Sterling, Putnam, Waterford, Old Lyme, Colchester, Stonington, Norwich, Mystic.

We also service Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

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