You may not usually notice the roofing that covers the homes you drive past every day. However, if you were to look, you would see a striking number of buildings that are protected by metal roofing. It’s a way to protect your home or building that has been around for a long time but truly beginning to soar in popularity. As a Connecticut roofing company, we’re getting metal roofing quotes regularly. What is metal roofing? Let us introduce you to one of Consumer Reports Buying Guide Roofing Picks.

The Basics

Metal roofing is a name that includes a line of different products typically made from galvanized steel, Zincalume/Galvalume (a blend of zinc, aluminum, and silicon-coated steel), lead, tin, aluminum, or copper.

Metal roofing is made from these materials and known for its high resistance, longevity, and durability. It isn’t common for metal roofs to last up to 100 years with many manufacturers offering 50-year warranties. Although the cost upfront is more expensive to buy a metal roofing system, over time metal should cost less than an asphalt shingle roof.

Metal Roofing Panel Types

Standing Seam: This is the most common panel type associated with metal roofing due to its pleasing aesthetic. Standing seam roofing panels lock together at the edges to form a seam. They also use a concealed fastener method; this means that clips and fasteners are hidden. It is generally more expensive, but the fact that fasteners are hidden makes the roof look that much better.



Exposed Fastener: Considered the more economical choice, exposed fastener metal roofing leaves the heads of fasteners in sight at the top of the panel. Although the fasteners are visible, the roof can still look very sharp. You will likely see this type of roofing on barns and commercial buildings.

Stamped Panel: Stamped panel metal roofing is a very diverse type of roofing with various applications. This allows homeowners to have choices of different styles while also getting the protection that metal roofing offers. With this roofing type, your roof can have the look of shakes, slate, tiles, or shingles but offer a higher level of protection. This variation can vary in price but is worth looking into if you like a traditional appearance but want the best home protection possible.




What are the good things about metal roofing?

Potential disadvantages:


As we mentioned before, metal roofing is a popular choice for homes, commercial buildings, barns, sheds, and garages. Although more expensive, we believe that peace of mind and durability make it an excellent choice to protect any building. HGTV even ranked it as one of its Top Six Roofing Materials and Forbes calls it, “A Great Roofing Solution.” Metal roofing is often the best choice for roof replacement, however, it’s not the best for everyone. If you have any questions or would like a free metal roofing consultation please contact us, we’re a Connecticut roofer.


As always, we recommend hiring a professional to perform your building maintenance. Every situation is different, this is meant only as a guide to help inform you of general roofing situations and maintenance. This is not a complete and exhaustive list or statement of every possible scenario and problem that could arise. We will not be held liable for any damage or injury sustained directly or indirectly from the information provided in this or any of our other articles/posts.


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