Metal roofs are growing in popularity due to their lasting benefits. Metal roofs have a proven performance expectation of over 50 years. These roofs come in beautiful styles that can instantly boost the aesthetics of any home. Metal roofs offer maximum wind resistance and are fire resistant. They are also incredibly energy efficient.  

Metal roofs need minimal maintenance when they are installed correctly. However, you cannot overlook performing regular maintenance of any roof. Regular maintenance can prolong the life of your metal roof and help prevent costly repairs. Here are some simple care and maintenance tips: 

Clean out the gutters and drains 

Gutters and drains tend to get clogged with leaves, twigs, and other debris, which can lead to water accumulation. This can cause premature corrosion on metal roofing. By thoroughly cleaning out the gutters and drains at least once a year, you can prevent these problems.    

Clean the roof 

By cleaning off dirt, debris, mildew, and other potentially harmful elements from your metal roof, you can improve the look of the roof and extend its lifespan. Leaves, twigs, and other debris can get stuck in valleys and other spots. These should be removed regularly as the debris can stain or scratch the surface. You can use a solution of dish soap and water to wipe the metal panels and then use a garden hose to rinse the soap off. While doing so, keep all the safety precautions in mind to protect yourself and your roof. It is best to hire a professional roofer for the job.  

Ensure no other metals or materials are touching the roof 

If there are other metals coming in contact with your metal roof, it can cause staining, premature degradation, and in some cases, extensive damage to the roof. Some roofing materials, when come in contact with certain metals such as iron, can get corroded. So, check the manufacturer’s instructions to know of such interactions.  

Keep snow and ice off the roof

Do not allow snow and ice to accumulate on the roof as it can cause extensive damage to the entire structure. When metal roofs are installed correctly, the snow should ideally side down on its own and not pile on the roof. However, a strong and prolonged winter storm can cause snow accumulation on the roof. Sweep off the snow with a long-handled brush after a snowstorm. When sweeping off the snow, make sure you don’t scrape off the roof’s protective coating.  

Trim overhanging branches 

Overhanging branches can scratch the surface of your metal roof and deposit leaves, twigs, and other debris. They can scruff the paint and protective coating, leaving the metal roof vulnerable to damage. If you have any overhanging branches, make sure they are trimmed and do not rub against the roof.  

Fix loose panel seams 

If the seams connecting the panels have become loose or are separating, it can cause moisture to leak into your home from the gaps. It is important to regularly inspect the panel seams and have them fixed without delay. 

Watch out for visible signs of damage

You should keep an eye out for any scratching, flaking, scuffing, or fading. These issues should be immediately remedied to prevent serious damage to the roof. Remember, if the scratches or scuffs are large and extensive, do not attempt to retouch the surface on your own. You may end up doing a bad job and even losing your warranty cover.   

These are some simple things you can do to take care of your metal roof and prolong its life. If you have more questions about metal roofs, get in touch with us.