The Basics- What You Need to Know About Your Roof

What You Need to Know About Your Roof

Every homeowner should have basic knowledge of their home, interior and exterior alike. For the purpose of this article, we will be discussing the basics of what you need to know about your roof. Understanding the basics and having a working knowledge of your roof is crucial for maintaining your roof well.

The more you know about your roof and how to take care of it, the longer it will last for. In this article, we will cover 4 basic things you should know about your roof:

1. The life expectancy of your roof

One of the basics things you need to know about your roof is that it can last anywhere from 15-25 years. This is a crucial aspect of your home that you must know.

Putting this in perspective helps when it comes to this investment. You won’t need to buy 5-10 roofs in your lifetime, and the better maintained the longer it will last!

Having an idea of your roof life expectancy will also help you plan your budget to afford the expense when your roof has hit the end of its life. That leads us to our second point:

What you Need to Know About Your Roof

2. The Importance of Regular Maintenance and Inspections

In order to maintain the health and protect the longevity of our roof what you need to know about your roof is the importance of performing regular maintenance and inspections.

Regular maintenance of your home’s exterior is crucial due to weather and other impeding factors that impact your home. Some practical tips for what you need to know about your roof maintenance can look like the following:

1. Regularly sweep, blow, or safely wash your roof to clear all debris from the surface that may have built up

2. Clear out the gutters and make sure the drains are clear from built-up sticks and debris.

3. Remove tree branches that hang over or near your roof to eliminate unnecessary risks for your roof.   

4. Check to make sure your roof flashing areas are secure and in good condition, and no water is leaking into your attic.

5. Visually inspect your roof to ensure there are no missing or damaged shingles. This is a simple element, but essential in what you need to know about your roof.

Of course, we recommend having a licensed and insured roofing contractor perform any maintenance on your roof. Walking and working on a roof is dangerous and should be left to professionals.

3. The necessity of roof installation done with high quality materials and to local building code

Another element you need to know about your roof for its longevity, is that using high quality materials is not an option, but a requirement. Although the up-front cost will be higher than alternative materials, it will last for years longer than if you installed a less expensive equivalent. Making sure the work is performed to code is necessary as well.

Ask your roofing contractor if the materials are high quality and will be done to building code before putting in a down payment. This is a critical aspect of what you need to know about your roof.

4. How to find a contractor when you need one- and what to look for is a crucial component of what you need to know about you roof

There are a few different go-to ways to find the right contractor for you. This is an essential element you need to know about your roof.

The best situation is to receive a referral from someone. If you have a friend or relative that has recently had work done on their roof, reach out to them and learn more about their experience with their contractor. Nothing speaks more highly than a referral from a trusted resource.

The next thing you can do is look online for a contractor. Looking online allows you to see reviews, check out their company and get a feel for who they are as a business and if they are trustworthy.

While on their website, the next thing you’ll want to do is look at some of their work. Taking a look at their portfolio is proof either that they deliver or they underdeliver as a company. Look at multiple jobs they’ve done and look closely. This is a necessity in learning what you need to know about your roof. Look them up on the Better Business Bureau and make sure they are a trustworthy company.

Lastly, you’re going to want to talk with multiple contractors for inspections and estimates. Talk to at least 3 different contractors. Roof installation and replacement is a big job, so the investment is worth an extra week or two of searching to make sure you get the best deal and are working with a trusted company.

What you want to make sure you look for is a company that is insured and licensed- check their credentials!

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