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Guaranteed Roofing is a Hartford CT commercial roofing specialist with over 25 years of experience in the commercial roofing industry. One of our most recent projects, took place in West Hartford at the University of Connecticut School of Law.

Project Case Study – Hartford CT Commercial Roofing Specialist

This project featured a historical building on campus in dire need of a roof replacement. The facilities team at UConn mentioned that they had been battling leaks for some time prior to us assessing the roof. The existing roof had an aged mansard slate roof with copper gutters. The low slope portion of the commercial roof had a built-up roof with pea stone covering it.

Once we were able to provide a proper specification for the new commercial roofing system, our crews went to work in Hartford. We began by removing the existing pea stone from the roof surface. Once clean, the roof was covered with ½” mechanically fastened Dens Deck Coverboard.

Below we have some before and after photos of the built up roofing system converted to the brand new Duro-Last PVC commercial roofing system with slate tie-ins.

Hartford CT Commercial Roofing Specialist

From there, our Hartford CT commercial roofing specialist installers were busy laying and fastening about 7,500 square feet of Duro-Last PVC roofing membrane. This particular commercial roofing membrane is laid out, mechanically fastened to the coverboard underneath with specialized screws and washers, then heat welded to one another. The big benefit to this, is that the seams welded rather than glued.

The heat welded seams should last for many years to come – most of the time much longer than adhered systems without heat welded seams. The Guaranteed Roofing Hartford CT commercial roofing specialist project managers specifically chose this system for the many benefits this building owner will see for the years to come.

Once the PVC sheets and DensDeck are laid and fastened, the rest is all detail work. The crews were busy installing custom curb flashings, pitchboxes, and details with the tie into the existing slate roofing. Afterward, we worked on the metal edge of the roofing. The Hartford CT commercial roofing specialist crews installed an Exceptional Metals fascial cover in copper.

After some bit of time, the new PVC Guaranteed Roofing System was complete! We went through the numerous inspections required by the town, manufacturer, and university and all was approved. Our Hartford CT commercial roofing specialist contractors are ready to continue installing asphalt shingle, metal, PVC, EPDM, modified bitumen, and other types of roofing systems.

Hartford CT Commercial Roofing Specialist

We also offer numerous service and maintenance packages for Hartford CT and surrounding cities and states. If you need any kind of residential or commercial roofing services, please reach out to Guaranteed Roofing by calling or texting our office. We are happy to help and continue to serve our community!

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