dream home remodel in Killingly CT

Dream Home Remodel in Killingly CT: A Case Study of JPW Building’s Expertise

Dream Home Remodel in Killingly, CT: A Case Study of JPW Building’s Expertise

dream home remodel in Killingly CT


This case study delves into the remarkable transformation of a Killingly, CT home by JPW Building, LLC. The project encompassed a whole-house remodel and two additions, breathing new life into the property and exceeding the homeowners’ expectations.

These days, JPW Building doesn’t do too many home remodels, builds, or additions. We average taking on a half dozen or so of these projects. Of course, in addition to the hundreds of roofing projects completed per year. However, every now and then, certain projects intrigue our capable team!

Dream Home Remodel in Killingly CT

Scope of Work:

JPW Building tackled a wide range of tasks, meticulously executing each step for the dream home remodel in Killingly CT:

  • Construction:

    • Excavation, concrete work, and framing for two additions and a front deck.
    • Demolition of almost the entire interior. Completely changing the footprint of the home with new framing and layout.
    • Installation of architectural asphalt shingle roofing on the existing house, additions, and front porch.
    • Window replacement with new energy-efficient models.
    • Removal of existing siding and installation of cedar impression siding in a stunning blue hue with white window trim.
  • Interior Deconstruction and Refurbishment:

    • Demolition of existing interior finishes to facilitate the remodel.
    • Electrical and plumbing work according to detailed plans and specifications.
    • Installation of a hybrid HVAC system incorporating ducted ventilation for existing areas and mini splits for the new slab floor (replacing the initially planned radiant floor heating).
    • Thorough insulation throughout the house.
    • Drywall installation with three coats and moisture resistant board in bathrooms.
    • Interior door placement and trim work.
    • Construction of a new staircase from the first to the second floor.
    • Interior priming and painting with mid-grade SW paint, including ceilings, trim, and walls.
  • Finishing Touches on the dream home remodel in Killingly CT

    • Completing the front porch with new composite Trex decking and rails.
    • Installed new gutters and downspouts to allow water to smoothly transition from the roof into the ground drainage system.
    • Stunning cedar red colored exterior doors to close out this dream home remodel in Killingly CT.
    • Seamless coordination of all project aspects for a smooth and efficient timeline.
    • New energy efficient KitchenAid and General Electric appliances.

Transformation & Impact:

The results were stunning. The once ordinary, run-down house was reborn into a modern, expansive living space bathed in natural light. The cedar impression siding and crisp white trim added a touch of elegance to the exterior, while the new windows allowed for breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape. Inside, the open floor plan, modern finishes, and carefully chosen paint colors created a welcoming and inviting atmosphere.

Check out the project recap video of this dream home remodel in Killingly CT here!


This project exemplifies JPW Building’s dedication to quality craftsmanship, customer satisfaction, and delivering exceptional results. Their ability to handle complex renovations and seamlessly integrate various tasks showcases their expertise and commitment to a smooth remodeling experience. If you’re considering a home renovation in Killingly, CT, or the surrounding area, JPW Building, LLC is a name you can trust with an A+ Better Business Bureau rating.

JPW Building, LLC was founded in 1994 and has been completing major home renovations since inception. Although the company has focused more on the subsidiary, Guaranteed Roofing, JPW is still alive and well completing all types of building and remodeling projects in Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island. JPW has thrived as a locally, family owned and operated custom home builder for thirty years! To see if we are available to take on your project, please contact our office to set up a free project consultation and we will help you through your next building or roofing project.


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