custom home addition in brooklyn ct

Custom Home Addition in Brooklyn CT

One of our main home building and remodeling projects for 2021 was this custom home addition in Brooklyn CT. Early in 2021, the Brooklyn CT homeowners came to us with a vision to expand their already beautiful home with a new living space set behind their existing foundation. We worked with them and their architect to design a cost-effective, functional, and contemporary space they can utilize to entertain.

Throughout the past two years, the construction industry has faced material shortages like no other time in the United States history. Although this project faced considerable delays while attempting to get materials in a timely manner, our deadline was by Thanksgiving Day 2021. Thankfully, we were able to make this deadline so the homeowners could celebrate Thanksgiving with their family! Below are some of our favorite photos and aspects of our recent custom home addition in Brooklyn CT project.

custom home addition in brooklyn ct
New home addition in Brooklyn, CT

Shiplap electric fireplace to the ceiling

Absolutely the defining feature of this home addition. The shiplap casing around this electric fireplace screams contemporary design and comfort. Additionally, the stained tv shelving and electrical box behind it is perfect for entertaining family and friends.

custom home addition in Brooklyn CT
Shiplap fireplace casing to ceiling

Storage shelves

Surrounding the fireplace casement are benches with storage areas built-in underneath. There are also storage boxes located under the staircase, they add much needed functionality to this space.

custom home addition in Brooklyn CT
Storage units located under stairs and benches

Faux ceiling beams

The faux ceiling beams seen in the photos are stained to match the rest of the addition.

custom home addition in Brooklyn CT
Faux ceiling beams

Accent walls

Contrary to some beliefs, accent walls are alive and well in current interior design. They are popular because of their flexibility and ability to add character to a home. In this instance, the main walls are painted a beige color while the gable end walls are painted a dark green color. Between the stained ceiling beams, white trim, wood flooring, and beige walls, the dark green accent walls are a perfect addition to add a splash of color while still keeping the room contemporary and in-line with the design of the rest of the home.



Another beautiful aspect to this custom home addition in Brooklyn CT if the loft above the entry door coming off of the kitchen. It provides a beautiful bird’s eye view of the bottom floor and entertainment area. Included are two windows and a heating and cooling unit. The stair balusters are white to match the rest of the interior trim and the handrail, post, and treads match the flooring.

custom home addition in Brooklyn CT
Loft above entry to main home

Overall, we are happy with how our latest custom home addition in Brooklyn CT came out. We have built many custom homes and additions all over Windham County and the rest of Connecticut for years and hope to continue to do so. Our professional CT building team can make your ideas become a reality. We enjoy meeting potential clients on the initial consultation and listening to their ideas for the custom home or addition build.

From there, we will discuss the budget and the feasibility of the build they are proposing. Afterward, clients typically meet with an architect to put pen to paper and come up with building plans. From those plans, we are able to give customers an accurate building estimate for their proposal.

If you have a custom home or addition build you are looking to have complete, please reach out to us. Our dependable CT contracting staff will be happy to discuss your plans with you to see if they are feasible to have complete within your budget and timeline.  Project consultations can be scheduled by calling or texting (860) 546-6292. We are happy to help you with your next project, just like we did for our latest custom home addition in Brooklyn CT!

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