Roofing contractors dedicate a lot of time and energy into becoming licensed roofing companies. Unfortunately, there will always be individuals who market themselves as roofers who will provide a much cheaper quote than official licensed roofing companies. Just like anything, you will certainly get what you pay for when hiring a company to perform a service. Many unlicensed roofers will be willing to perform work much cheaper than regular licensed roofing companies. Here are our reasons why you should only hire licensed roofing companies to work on your home or business.


They have insurance and certifications

As part of state licensing processes, they typically require certain insurance limits and certify that the company is legitimate and liable. When hiring roofing companies in Connecticut, you can typically rest assured that they are insured. Although the certifications require from state to state, we believe that most require updated proof of insurance to maintain licensure.

They offer written contracts

When doing business as licensed roofing companies, they should be providing written contracts that describe the scope of work, date, payment terms, and other necessary items. In fact, to be a legal contract, these documents require certain items, such as the ones discussed. Be sure to ask your local roofing company for a copy of their quote and contract to be sure you are getting the job you believe you are. If done correctly, roofing contracts are legally binding documents that you and your roofing contractor need to adhere to.

They should stand by their work

Many roofing companies are legitimate businesses that roof homes every week to make a living. Their work and image are of particular importance to them and it is in their best interest to do quality work on every job they complete. Although licensed roofing companies are all different, many of them desire to do good work and maintain good relationships with their customers. However, all licensed roofing companies are different and have various values and standards for their work. We can not speak for other companies, but as a licensed roofing company, we take pride in every job we do and strive to do excellent work while keeping our customers happy.


If you have any questions regarding Connecticut licensure, we encourage you to visit the Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection website. We are also more than happy to field your questions or concerns. If you are looking for roofing companies to perform your Connecticut, Rhode Island, or Massachusetts roof replacement or roof repair, please contact us and we will be happy to provide you with a free quote for our services.

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