Roofing can be done year-round. The only variable to consider is the weather. In the winter, there will most likely be less workable days because of the snow in New England. There are a few things that can be done to protect your roof for the winter. Due to impeding weather, your roof must be prepared for winter preferable before the first snowfall. Wondering How Do I Get My Roof Ready For Winter; Here are a few things you can do in preparation: 

1. Make Sure Your Gutters Are Clear

When it gets warmer and the ice and snow melt, you want to make sure your gutters are clear so the water can seamlessly flow from the roof to the ground through your gutters. This is an essential element when you’re asking yourselves how do I get my roof ready for winter!

2. Have Your Roof Inspected

If you have time, before snowfall is an excellent time to have your yearly roof inspection. It’s important to have your roof inspected yearly to make sure everything is working properly, there are no leaks or repairs needed. In fact, yearly roof inspections can prevent roof leaks before they occur. This is essential when asking yourself ‘how do I get my roof ready for winter’?

3. Replacements And Repairs

By having your roof inspected you’ll know what repairs and replacements are needed for our roof. If any of your shingles are missing or falling off, your roofing contractor will inform you of any work needing to be done. 

4. Check your Attic

Inspecting your attic is a great way to see if your roof needs any work internally. If there are leaks or anything of major concern, you’ll be able to see much of that from the inside of your attic. When figuring out “how do I get my roof ready for winter”, you’ll want to examine your insulation while up on your roof, making sure the heat is staying inside and your heat bills aren’t racking up over something preventable such as installing new insulation. 

5. Have A Roof Rake On Hand

How Do I Get My Roof Ready For Winter

When snow piles up on your roof, you’re going to want to have a roof rake on hand. This is exactly what it sounds like- a rank designed for your roof to remove snow that has piled up after a snowfall. 

6. Make Sure Your Roof Has Proper Ventilation

Roof ventilation is the air circulation process in your attic. If your roof doesn’t have proper ventilation, it can cause problems for your house. Without proper ventilation snow can melt and refreeze repeatedly, causing premature aging for your roof by reducing the temperature in your attic, leading to material breakdown. The way to avoid this is to keep your roof line as cold as you can.

Ventilation also helps in preventing moisture to seep through the roof and into the attic, causing many issues such as leakage, potential wood rot and water staining to name a few. Ultimately, proper ventilation is crucial to maintaining the health of your roof. Ventilation aids in preventing ice dams from forming in colder months and also improves efficiency for your house’s heating and cooling systems. So if you’re asking yourself “How Do I Get My Roof Ready For Winter”, making sure you have a proper ventilation system should be at the top of your list.

7. Trim Trees Above Your House When Asking Yourself 'How Do I Get My Roof Ready For Winter'

If there are any large or medium size limbs above your roof, consider having them removed. If you don’t you can always take off the smaller ones with your roof rake, you just want to be cautious not to let large limbs hang above your house; you may be fine, but worst-case scenario a large branch could severely damage your roof and home if it comes down during a storm.

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