Best Ways to Prevent Costly Roof Replacement

The best thing you can do for your wallet and your roof is to take care of what you have. Here are some of the best ways to prevent costly roof replacement or other structural issues with your home.


Have your roof professionally inspected

It is important for you as a homeowner to do everything you can to care for your home. Yes, this means visually inspecting your roof and the inside of your home regularly. However, you should absolutely have your roof inspected by a qualified professional as well. Roof inspectors inspect roofs for a living. They’re well-versed in the different problems that could happen to your roof and early warning signs of those problems. They can give you tips on how to maximize the life of your roof or estimate the remaining lifespan of your roof. A professional inspection will likely save you money over time and will prepare you for what is to come.


Take care of leaks early

Baring a major catastrophe, most roofing problems begin small and are manageable to fix. However, if problems are ignored and allowed to worsen, they can become very costly and cause extensive damage to your home.


Don’t ignore mold, missing shingles, and other problems

Similar to leaks, mold and missing shingles will start small but can cause major problems if allowed to sit without being fixed. Mold loosens shingles and allows water to get underneath the asphalt layer of your roof. Missing shingles expose the roof boards or plywood underneath.


Provide regular maintenance

The best way to save money on a roof replacement is to push it further into the future. You can do that by taking care of your roof while it is still in good condition. This concept is like the idea of providing maintenance to your car. Most people understand that if they don’t change the oil in their car, it’s lifespan will be significantly reduced. This concept holds true to roofing. Make sure you clean your gutters, take care of ice dams, and fix roofing damage early.

If you have any questions about these preventative methods, or if you notice any problems with your roof, please contact us.


As always, we recommend hiring a professional to perform your building maintenance. Every situation is different, this article is meant only as a guide to help inform you of general roofing situations and maintenance. This is not a complete and exhaustive list or statement of every possible scenario and problem that could arise. We will not be held liable for any damage or injury sustained directly or indirectly from the information provided in this or any of our other articles/posts.

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