Summertime…what an awesome time of year, sunshine, warm temps and fun days! As you know, with warm temperature comes the threat of severe weather which can produce strong winds, heavy rain and even hail. Let’s take a look at some of the summer roof maintenance actions you can take to protect your roof.

One precaution you can take to prevent water intrusion into your home this summer is to inspect and clean your gutters and downspouts (or gutter leaders). If your gutters are full of debris and your downspouts are clogged your roof will not shed water properly during any rainstorm, never mind the heavy downpours that the summer season may bring.

Also, inspection of the flashing on all the penetrations in your roof system. Chimneys are a potential source of leaking when the flashing is not done properly (see photo above), or it is deteriorated from age. Sometimes the flashing can be repaired with temporary fixes like flashing cement and other various products that will keep the water out until you call us for your full roof replacement or the complete re-flashing of your chimney.

It is sometimes also a good idea to seal the masonry of your chimney with a water repellent clear sealer from any of the major names in masonry sealant. The heavy soaking rain associated with severe weather will be absorbed into and sometimes through the masonry of your chimney causing moisture in places it should not be.

Also, the gaskets on pipe boots sometimes deteriorate and allow water to leak between the pipe and the gasket.

Last, but not least, your roof shingles should be checked for signs of deterioration and loss of adhesion to one another. If the bond is lost on a few shingles, they can be temporarily bonded with roof cement. Once you have many areas where the bond is lost, it’s time to plan a full roof replacement.

Of course, gaining access to and walking around on your roof while inspecting these things can be dangerous. Without proper training and equipment there is even a greater risk of injury. Always be sure to locate any overhead power lines and always stay at least 12 feet away from them.

You also want to be careful where and how you step on your roof shingles. Try not to step right on the exposure edge of the shingle and stay out of valley centers, please do not step on hip and ridge caps (the peak of your roof, where two slopes meet) especially if they are over a ridge vent. Your vent and caps will thank you for it!

If you would prefer to leave it to the professionals who do this work with many inspections per year, we will be happy to help. We can do a one-time visit and fix, or we can help with our roof and gutter annual or bi-annual maintenance plans.

Summary of Summertime Roof Maintenance:


  1. The best way to ensure the rain does not enter your home is through maintenance and inspection.
  2. Check all flashing and penetrations for signs of deterioration. You can make temporary repairs with a variety of products.
  3. Check gutters for debris and check downspouts for clogs.
  4. Stay safe while accessing and inspecting your roof and always watch out for and locate any overhead power lines. If you’re unsure about the roof inspection process let us do it for you.
  5. If you think you have storm damage give us a call, we can help you through the claim process.
  6. See the attached pictures of improper vs proper chimney flashing and what a gutter that needs maintenance looks like.

Until next time, from your friends at Guaranteed Roofing, wishing you a great summer!

Every situation is different, this is meant only as a guide to help inform you of general roofing situations and maintenance. This is not a complete and exhaustive list or statement of every possible scenario and problem that could arise. We will not be held liable for any damage or injury sustained directly or indirectly from the information provided in this article/post.

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