Responsible car owners know that performing maintenance to their vehicles is the best way to ensure they last and perform well for a long time. The same is true for the roof protecting your home or business. Although many homeowners aren’t aware of this, a healthy roof requires maintenance and inspection to ensure you get the maximum amount of life out of it. We will discuss the benefits of and why roofing maintenance is better than roof repair.

Regular roof inspection

The first key in roof maintenance is having regular roof inspections. Of course, home and business owners should be regularly inspecting their property from the ground and attic, but we also encourage you to schedule roof inspections with a licensed CT roofer. When you inspect your roof, there are some key things to be looking for. For example, missing shingles, cracked shingles, attic staining, and debris on the roof.

When you schedule a regular roof inspection with a licensed roofing professional, there are often times multiple options for you to choose from. Many roofing companies offer a verbal roof inspection or a written roof inspection with pictures describing any maintenance points. Do not be surprised if they bring a drone with them to help with aerial photos! This is option we offer with our roof inspection plans. Roof inspection companies will typically take two to five business days to get a full roof inspection report back to you with photos, descriptions, maintenance points, and plans of action to bring your roof to full health. Guaranteed Roofing recommends performing roof inspections every one to two years with regular maintenance.

Roof maintenance

Hopefully, any issues discovered in the roof inspection can be taken care of with simple roof replacement. It is important to remember that it is best to catch any issues early as opposed to them turning into major roofing issues leading to roof replacement. This is why roofing maintenance is better than roof repair.

Many times, we see simple repairs such as backed out roofing nails and worn flashing boots. It is important to remember that general roofing maintenance does not always mean you need a full roof replacement. After the minor repairs are performed, we suggest switching to a maintenance plan consisting of cleaning gutters, inspections, and ongoing repairs such as replacing worn out pipe boots.

Roof maintenance is one of the most recognized ways of adding life to your roof according to the roofing industry standard. Many roofing contractors allow customers to choose from a variety of maintenance plans they have available. Roofing maintenance is better than roof repair as it can delay home and business owners from investing in costly roof replacement.

Guaranteed Roofing company is here to help you with roofing maintenance is better than roof repair

Our expert CT roofing company has been roofing homes since 1994. With our variety of expertise in the roofing industry, we are able to guide you in the right direction for roof inspection, roof replacement, and roof repair. Our roofers offer two different kinds of roof inspection. We can offer a verbal roof report at the site with an expert roofer. They will provide insight as to any roofing maintenance needed and a lifespan for your roof. We also offer a written roof inspection report. In this version, we provide photos of the roof and any trouble spots with detailed descriptions of any problem signs. This plan will also give you an idea of the time that your roof has left. Regardless of the plan you choose, Guaranteed Roofing is here for all your roofing needs and can show you why roofing maintenance is better than roof repair.