Winter in New England can be brutal. Thankfully, our 2020 winter has been relatively tame compared to recent years. Although we got off lucky this year, there’s still a chance your home sustained some winter roof damage while battling the elements. Here are some ways to begin recovering from winter roof damage.

Ice dams

Ice dams are a very common winter roofing hazard. In fact, we wrote a whole article strictly dedicated to ice dams. Ice dams are the result of snow and ice that has built up on the edge of sloped roofs and can cause water to leak into your home. This article has great ways to prevent ice dams – because you don’t want to have to deal with fixing the problem! When you need to, your best chance is to reach out to a CT roofer to diagnose and fix the problem area. We also recommend doing your best to remove any ice dams as they are happening but be careful! Don’t climb your roof in the wintertime as it is likely very slippery.

ice dam guaranteed roofing
Ice Dam

Sagging gutters

Gutters that appear droopy and seem like they are ready to fall off the side of your home at any minute are likely caused by being weighed down. On a safe, clear day with no precipitation, we recommend that if you feel comfortable (and it isn’t too tall of a building), you climb up and investigate the problem. Look inside the gutters to see if they are clogged full of debris and see if there are icicles attached. If either of these problems are present, you should contact your CT roofing contractor to have them clean the debris, or you can carefully do this yourself. Here’s an article explaining how to clean your gutters.

If the gutters are past just sagging and are detached from your roof, you should probably contact and eastern CT roofer to have the properly reattach the gutters.

Missing shingles

During the high windstorms we typically get in Connecticut every winter, it is commonplace to lose some shingles or roofing caps. This isn’t a huge problem but can turn into one very quickly if roof repair doesn’t take place. We recommend contacting a CT roofing company immediately to have them fix the damage. If left exposed for long periods of time, your home can sustain severe damage.

Missing shingles

Roof damage

Roof damage can be sustained in many ways. One of the most common is from trees and tree branches falling on your home. We recommend being practice in this by trimming trees that seem like they could become problematic. But, if an incident did occur, make sure you contact your eastern CT roofing company quickly to have them assess the problem. It is very important that if any electrical wires were involved in the damage you evacuate the home and call your electrical company immediately.

Winter roof damage can be a frustrating thing to deal with. If you have any questions or concerns about your roof, be sure to contact us so we can help.


It is important to hire a professional for your home maintenance. All situations can vary greatly, this article is meant as a guide to assist you in situations that may occur. This is not a complete list or statement of every possible scenario that could happen. We are not to be held liable for any damage or injury sustained directly or indirectly from the information provided in this or any of our other articles/posts.