When you need new siding, the material plays a significant role in how it looks, how much you spend, and how long it lasts.  Below, we talk about some of the benefits of vinyl siding and why it’s perhaps the most common type of siding used today.

Incredibly Versatile and Adaptable

Modern vinyl siding comes in a wide range of color tones, profiles, and textures. Whether classic, rustic, traditional, or contemporary, you will find something to create a masterpiece, no matter the style of your home. Even homeowners who want to retain the authentic look of their century homes can achieve perfect results with vinyl siding.

Environmentally Friendly

It looks counter-intuitive, but vinyl is more Eco-friendly than most other siding materials on the market.  Vinyl saves the environment from toxic materials associated with some other options, you do not need to paint, stain or caulk them. The manufacturing process also does not produce any waste since manufactures reuse the smaller pieces to make bigger usable ones.

The material contributes less to global warming than other cladding options due to the energy saved in manufacturing and transportation.


Vinyl outlasts most other sliding options; lasting on average at least twenty years. The material is almost indestructible and resistant to fading, harsh weather, and insects. Some brands can withstand winds of up to 201 miles per hour, meaning that vinyl is a great choice to protect your home against storm damage and the impact of hail.

Vinyl also resists excessive moisture and won’t rust or rot over time. In most cases, buyers get a lifetime warranty on vinyl siding, which is often prorated for about 50 years.

Low Maintenance Costs

With durability and resistance come low maintenance cost. Other materials like aluminum and cedar siding require regular stripping and painting to preserve the wood and maintain its beauty. On the other hand, vinyl is maintenance-free., it offers exceptional longevity without any special care; you only need to keep it clean.

The color goes all the way through the vinyl material meaning that it retains that lasting color.  It won’t fade or dim for a long time

Easy to Install

Vinyl siding is easy to install; it’s lightweight and can even be installed them over existing material. This can save a lot in cost because there is no need to rip off and dispose of the old siding.

Energy Efficient

Insulated vinyl siding promotesthermal bridging– reducing the heat loss within the wall stud in the exterior walls. Most homes have insulation in the wall studs, but the studs themselves leak heat when they contact external siding.

Insulated vinyl siding puts blanket protection on the wall studs.  With that, it keeps your home cooler in the summer and warm during winter. In addition, this siding is much economical as it qualifies you for energy tax credits.

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