There are several decisions to be made when building a custom home. However, the most crucial one is selecting the right custom home builder to work with. There are so many custom home builders in the market, but the right custom builder is the one who can meet all your requirements and conditions. Even if you have a couple of references from friends and family, it is best to interview several custom home builders to make sure you choose the best one.

You will undoubtedly have lots of questions to ask, but the most commons are- “how long will the project take?” and “how much will it cost?” These are the two most important factors but there are other important aspects that you cannot afford to ignore. Here is a list of some important questions you must ask a custom home builder before deciding to work with them:

How long have you been building custom homes?

The years of experience that the custom home builder carries says a lot about his skill, expertise, and business ethics. If someone tells you that they have been building custom homes for the last two decades, you can have little doubt about their competence.

How much can I customize my home?

Customization can range from some basic cosmetic changes to complete customization where you get to choose every single detail. You must ask the custom home builder whether they will let you choose only cosmetics changes such as cabinet finishes, room colors, etc. or you can make changes to the pre-set blueprint and maybe add a patio, an extra bedroom, and more.

What features are included in the price?

Some builders will include features in the base price of the home and others would offer packages you may add as per your requirements and preferences. It is possible that the builder offering a very low price may not be including even some basic features you want in the price. Ideally, the price should include plumbing, electrical, tiles, cabinets, countertops, HVAC, and cabinets.

How often do you finish your projects on time?

While every builder gives a timeline for the project, they don’t always meet the deadlines. So, it is important to ask how often they are able to finish the project on time because delays can prove very expensive. Remember, there are many factors that can cause delays and not all of them are under the builder’s control. So, just try to find out if they set realistic deadlines and are able to meet them most of the time.

Can I have a look at the portfolio of homes you have built?

Some builders may be able to show you a model home or offer you references of people they have built homes for. If not, you may ask for a portfolio of photos of the homes they have built. It would give you a fair idea of the quality of their work.

Who will answer our questions and address our concerns during the construction process?

Building a home is rarely a smooth process. There are always hiccups and unforeseen circumstances. So, there has to be full accountability on the part of the builder. There should be clear communication lines and you should know exactly who to speak to in case you have a concern. The builder should be available for regular meetings.

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