Portland CT Roof Replacement

Portland CT Roof Replacement

In early April of 2022, our professional roofing consultant visited a home in a beautiful development of Portland CT. The homeowner had some roof leaks around her skylights and a section of low slope roofing on her back deck. In addition, the rest of the roofing system was aged and due for replacement. Due to the variety of factors, our consultants recommended a full roof replacement for this particular home.

Portland CT Roof Replacement

The homeowner reviewed our free roofing estimate, Google reviews, website, and previous project and decided to sign with us for the full replacement of her roof! Upon the go-ahead from her, we went right to work and began project planning this Portland CT Roof Replacement . There are a lot of factors to consider with a roof replacement. Our Project Consultant ordered materials, scheduled deliveries, waste removal, project management, and our roofing crew. 

This Portland CT Roof Replacement consisted of replacing multiple areas of aged roofing and leaky roof skylights. Overall, our dependable roofing contractors had to fully replace skylights, roofing shingles, and plywood roof decking.

First, for this Portland CT Roof Replacement the crew started by taking off the existing roofing shingles and replacing damaged plywood on the roof deck. As seen in the picture below, the roof deck is the substrate under the protective roofing shingles, underlayments, and seam tape. This sheathing is the last line of defense against the interior of a home or building being exposed to the elements. 

Our roofers used roofing spades to strip the existing shingles, which appear to be approximately 25 years old. After the old shingles are removed, our roofers have access to the roof deck to visually inspect the condition of the plywood. Any areas that showed signs of damage or deterioration were replaced with brand new plywood, this is a critical first step in our Portland CT roof replacement.

After this was replaced, a self-adhering plywood decking seam tape was applied to the roof deck to give protection and take extra precaution. This tape was applied to all remaining exposed seams in the roof deck to help keep the deck as impenetrable as possible – these steps are common on all of our projects, not just this Portland CT roof replacement.

After that, the roof’s eaves and rakes had to be flashed with a metal drip edge. The customer chose a white edge metal flashing that we furnished and installed on the eaves and rakes of the home in Portland. 

Next was the protective underlayment covering the roof deck. The proper underlayments had to be installed to provide a protective second line of defense against the harsh New England wind, rain, snow, and storm damage. So, a self-adhering ice and water shielding was applied along with synthetic roofing underlayment. This adhesive was put on the eaves, valleys, junctions, around all roof penetrations, and any other section that our roofing project manager deemed beneficial.  

Portland CT Roof Replacement

The shingles installed on the rest of the house were asphalt Owens Corning TruDefinition Duration shingles in the Desert Tan colorway. New chimney flashing, ridge ventilation, hip and ridge caps, and fasteners were installed. Steel roofing nails were used to hold the shingles in place. 

This home featured six brand new deck-mounted skylights which were installed and allowed a great deal of natural light to enter the living spaces of this home. Those Velux skylights are shown in the photo above.

Also shown in the shot above is the walk-out deck that we reroofed as well. This area requires a different type of roofing specific to low slope areas. For this project, our roofing experts chose a Mulehide Self-Adhered SBS roofing in the Weathered Wood colorway.

Our professional roofers were able to complete this project in two days! We are incredibly grateful for the opportunity to work throughout CT – especially in a beautiful town like Portland for this Portland CT Roof Replacement. We believe the Owens Corning Duration shingles in Desert Tan complemented the existing light yellow vinyl siding perfectly.

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