Mansfield CT Roof Replacement

Mansfield CT Roof Replacement

For this Mansfield CT roof replacement the roof over the main structure of the house and over the garage had to be replaced. First, the existing roof had to be removed 1 layer, down to the roof decking. Then Owens Corning WeatherLock FLEX needed to be installed. This is a self-adhering ice and water shield that is required based on local building guidelines. 6 feet at the eaves, 3 feet at the valleys, wall junctions and around roof penetrations, and any low slope sections deemed necessary by the project manager. 

After this was installed the Owens Corning high performance deck defense synthetic underlayment was installed on the remaining roof deck.

This was the roof before the Mansfield CT Roof Replacement was done. As you can see there was some weather damage, wear and tear, discoloration and mold growing. 

And below is the finished results. Isn’t it amazing how a new roof can change a whole house? Not only that but Guaranteed Roofing partners with Owens Corning to provide different colored shingles for you to look at. Check out the offerings you have to choose from.

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