Foster RI Roof Replacement

Continuing a tradition of roof replacement in Foster RI

We are still in the beginning of the Coronavirus pandemic. Nonetheless, we’re going strong with roofing projects in Connecticut and Rhode Island. Despite the obstacles associated with COVID-19, we are thankful to be so busy during this crazy time. This Foster RI roof replacement project was for a government building. Government projects can become drawn out. It took a few months of prep, but we were able to get the roof replacements done in about two days! Our Rhode Island roofing company has done a fair amount of work in Foster RI and the surrounding area. Our  RI roofers continue our 25 year tradition of helping Foster RI homeowners and businesses with roof replacement services.

The existing roof was torn off and replaced in Foster, RI. Project Manager, Mike Costello, said: “The roof replacements at this complex were straightforward rip and replacements. However, the challenges of working while the building is open for business and of going to Rhode Island as Connecticut residents were interesting. Nontheless, we were able to get the roofs replaced in about two days. It has been a unique challenge to do work during COVID-19. But thus far the transition has been fairly seamless.”

Free “no contact” estimates

If your home or business needs to be replaced you can schedule a Foster RI roof replacement, or another city with RI roofers, click here. During the Coronavirus pandemic, we’re offering free ‘no-contact’ estimates. These estimates can entail email, Skype video meetings, and phone calls. The safety of our staff and customers is of the utmost importance to us. We thought this would be the best way to move forward with roofing during this time.

Guaranteed Roofing, a division of JPW Building, LLC is an expert roofing contractor with over 25 years of experience in the construction industry. Reputable CT roofing companies can be difficult to find. In RI, we are fully licensed and insured, backed by some of the leading roofing product manufacturers in the industry to give you peace of mind.

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