East Lyme Roof Replacement

East Lyme Roof Replacement

East Lyme Roof Replacement Before and After Photo

In May of 2022 a roofing job was completed in East Lyme, Connecticut. They needed their whole roof replaced, so the team got to work removing the main structure of the roof so a new one could be installed. They also had a plywood roof deck, which needed partial replacements. A white edge metal flashing was installed on all eaves and rakes.

For this East Lyme home ice dam prevention measures were also taken; self-adhering ice and water shields were installed in accordance with local building guidelines. These were placed on the eaves, valleys, wall junctions, around roof penetrations and any low slope sections deemed necessary by our project manager. The picture directly below is shot of the East Lyme house before the work was done. 

East Lyme Roof Replacement Before Photo

Additionally, deck seam protection was done for this East Lyme project. New self-adhering bitumen plywood decking seam tape was installed to all exposed seams in the roof deck. New synthetic roofing underlayment was installed followed by the furnishing and installation of Owens Corning TueDefinition Duration shingles to the roof’s surface.

The color chosen for this installation was “Driftwood” and turned out to be a nice color that went well with the house. Directly below you can see an up-close look of the shingles that were installed. 

East Lyme Roof Replacement Shngles

The picture seen below is the aftermath of the East Lyme roof installation and the entirety of the project’s completion. As you can see the house’s roof is now in good condition and ready to take on what the world throws at it.

East Lyme Roof Replacement After Photo

Guaranteed Roofing offers a wide range of custom roofing installation and repair services for residential and commercial roofing clients in East Lyme and throughout Connecticut, Rhode Island and Massachusetts. We are dedicated to excellence and providing unmatched services to every customer. We utilize high quality material and exceptional service to ensure that you are pleased with the finished product.

When you partner with Guaranteed Roofing you can be confident that you are receiving top quality care and services for your home in a timely manner. All our workers are well-trained and supervised by an onsite project manager. 

A question we get asked frequently is “how long does it take to get my roof replaced”. This is a good question! Like many, however, the answer varies. The average roof installation time period is 1-2 days, but if your house is larger or you are looking to get a few different things done to your roof, it could take longer.

At Guaranteed Roofing we ensure you are not only receiving quality care and services but also that your home is completed as soon as possible. We are here to make getting a new roof an easy process that finishes off with a job you are happy with. If you have any questions or would like to schedule a free estimate call (860)546-6292 today, because your roof matters. 


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