In today’s technological age, we are pre-warned of storms by advance warning systems. We are—most of the time—told about the speed, direction, duration, and intensity of the looming storms. And these warnings, combined with historical statistics, give us enough time to prepare for the storms, enabling us to limit the damage.

This damage can vary, we’ve all heard horror stories of people who’ve suffered serious roof damage following a storm; and the stress and expense that comes thereafter.

How concerned should you be?

Roofs are particularly vulnerable as they are the first line of defense against rain, hail, and wind. 

But you can prepare your roof for a storm, even a big storm. Below our roofing specialists have suggested five simple tips for preparing your roof for a storm.

Read on and learn how to secure your roof from the winds and rains before Mother Nature takes its toll on your roof.

  1. Get Your Roof Inspected

The first and foremost step in preparing your roof for a storm is to get your roof inspected. Many of us only think about our roofs when we notice a problem; but very often storm vulnerable roofs go unchecked and then end up getting damaged and costing you money.

Check if there are any existing leaks on your roof. When the showers pour, the smaller leaks may exacerbate due to the continuous flow of water. Get a professional to throughly inspect your roof for signs of damage, warped and missing shingles, loose shingles etc.. Check that the gutters are firmly attached.

It’s always safest to rely on a professional roofing company to inspect your roof. They’ll inspect every inch of your roof and make sure that it withstands the incoming storm.

  1. Trim Overhanging Trees on Your Property

If there are trees near your roof, it can be a good idea to trim any overhanging branches. The leaves and other debris from the trees may block the gutters of your roof. They may also contribute to water accumulating on your roof. If the winds are high, they can also knock down branches or cause entire trees to come crashing down on a roof. 

If the tree is dead and in a vulnerable state, you may want to have the whole thing brought down – or at least inspected by a tree specialist. The branches of dead trees are more likely to come off in strong winds. You may also require permission from your local county prior to cutting down the tree.

  1. Replace Damaged or Missing Shingles

The next step in preparing your roof for the storm is to replace any missing shingles and tiles. Winds blow at speeds above 70mph in a storm. If it is a hurricane, the winds can go as high as 85mph. Winds this strong can damage a roof by tearing off shingles and dislodging other components of your roof. 

  1. Clean the Gutters and Drainpipes

When it comes to preparing your roof for a storm, cleaning the gutters a relatively simple and effective thing you can do. Check the gutters and make sure that they are open. Gutters attract leaves like a magnet and often it’s leaves that clog them up. If the gutters are clogged, rainwater may accumulate on your roof, seep into the soffits and fascia and cause damage to the structure of your roof. If this goes on for a longer time, it may develop leaks into the home. It doesn’t take much to clean the gutters but avoid it and the damage may be high. If you are doing it yourself, make sure that you wear safety gear.

  1. Review Your Home Insurance Policy

This is the last step. Review your insurance policy and make sure that you do not leave any coverage gaps in your policy. It is a storm and anything can happen even if you have taken all the necessary steps. You need to have all the pertinent documentation, such as warranties, insurance policy, contact information, and photos of your home, before the storm— ready for when the storm hits.

This will help you stay ahead in the game. Once the storm hits, inspect the roof again. Check if it has caused any damage. If it has, take photos of that, review your insurance policy, and file the claim at the earliest. If you have all the necessary proofs attached, your claim is likely to be processed and accepted faster than otherwise.

By following these simple roof protection tips, you can prepare your roof for the storms. If however, you do not want to take the risk, for instance climbing up the ladder and cleaning the gutters, we are here for you. We, at (roofers inc), are a licensed and professional roofing contractor, having expertise and experience in all things roofing. We will make sure you have complete peace of mind during the chaotic hours while the storm passes by your home.