Commercial roofing, just like residential roofing, needs to be properly maintained to give the building the best chance to be watertight throughout the colder months. As a commercial property or business owner, you understand the value of preventing problems before they happen. If you have any concerns with your commercial roof leaking be sure to contact Guaranteed Roofing, our expert roofers specialize in commercial roof leak repairs.

Have your roof inspection early in the fall to schedule proper commercial roof maintenance

It is important to make sure your roof is professionally inspected early in the fall for multiple reasons. For one, roof inspection companies are often booking out weeks in advance to fix any problems that present themselves during the inspection. Between material shortages and unpredictable New England weather, it is something you want to have planned early in the season.

Additionally, many commercial building owners are unsure of the state that their industrial buildings roofs. There are many roofing problems that appear normal to a layperson’s eye but can be detected by a seasoned commercial roofing professional. At Guaranteed Roofing, we recommend having these inspections done once per year to provide assurance to building owners and ensure proper commercial roof maintenance.

Have repairs done by a specialized commercial roofing company

Commercial roofing is a specialized industry that should be left to professionals with experience in the area. It is also unique because of the wide array of materials that can be installed on a commercial building. Between asphalt shingles, metal roofing, EPDM, PVC, TPO, Mod Bit, rubber roofing, slate roofing, clay tiles, BUR roofing, and others, commercial roofers need to have a wide base of knowledge in order to service the commercial roofing industry with dependable commercial roof maintenance.

In 2021 and 2022, we are seeing lengthy material delays that will cause problems for large replacements and small roof repairs. This speaks to the importance of having preventative repairs done early as opposed to waiting until there are major problems. At Guaranteed Roofing, we are also seeing material shortages, but our commercial roofing service department has the ability to stop leaks with temporary repairs until large repairs or replacement materials are in stock.

Below are some common commercial roof repairs that your commercial roofer may perform.

Vent boot replacements:

Temporary patches:

Roof tarping:

Roof coatings:

Debris removal:

Seam reattachment:

Flat roof ponding:

Fastener reattachment:

Cut away roof blisters:

Application of caulking:

In order to have a sound commercial roofing system on a commercial or industrial building, the roof must be in proper working order. Inspecting and maintaining your roofing system is the most important step you can take to ensure the valuables located inside the building are kept safe and tenants are happy.

At Guaranteed Roofing, not only do we provide full-service commercial roofing system replacement, but we can also develop maintenance and repair plans to fit any commercial client. To schedule an appointment with our commercial roofing experts, book a time that fits your needs here or call or text our office staff. Thank you for considering Guaranteed Roofing for your commercial roof maintenance or replacement.