Curled Shingles – What Do You Do Next?

Shingles can begin to curl for a variety of reasons. Regardless of the reason for them curling, the problem should be fixed as soon as possible. Sometimes, it’s possible to repair a few of these shingles, but the curling could be a sign of a larger problem.


Repair or replace them

One thing is for sure, they should be fixed soon before a larger problem presents. If you only notice a few shingles that are curling, it may be okay to just replace those shingles as a temporary fix.

However, we recommend getting the roof inspected to find the underlying cause of the curling shingles. Here are some common causes we see:


Roof lifespan reached

The most common cause of curling shingles is that the roof has reached its lifespan. This is often seen in phases, at first only a few random shingles will appear curled. But over time, you will see many of the shingles curling and lifting. The good news is that if you take care of this early, you could replace the roof before causing further damage to your home.


Multiple shingle layers

Rather than replacing a roof by taking the old shingles off, some homeowners will choose to lay new shingles over the old. This saves money at the time but can cause premature curling and shingles to be blown off your home. This option is never recommended.


Poor attic ventilation

If your attic was poorly ventilated, the moisture-filled air will become trapped which could cause shingles to curl.


Improper roof installation

Unfortunately, shingle curling could be due to a roof replacement that wasn’t done correctly. The company may not have used enough nails or could have put nails in the wrong places on the shingle. If this is the problem, the shingle will likely loosen up and fall off at some point. If you notice premature curling, we highly recommend contacting the company who originally replaced the roof.


The best way to fix your curled shingles is to contact a reputable roofing company in your area. They should be able to determine the cause of the shingle curling and can help you remediate the problem with repair or roof replacement. If you have any questions about this, be sure to contact us.

As always, we recommend hiring a professional to perform your building maintenance. Every situation is different, this is meant only as a guide to help inform you of general roofing situations and maintenance. This is not a complete and exhaustive list or statement of every possible scenario and problem that could arise. We will not be held liable for any damage or injury sustained directly or indirectly from the information provided in this or any of our other articles/posts.

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  1. Thank you for telling me to contact an experienced roofing company and let them fix our curled shingles instead of trying to do it on our own. I noticed them last night and got worried that it might lead to more damages, but none of us knows how to handle roof issues. We’ll follow your advice and look for nearby contractors who offer repair services.

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