Flat roofs are a predominant type of roof for commercial buildings because they generally cost less than sloped roofs to install, so it keeps construction expenses low. Also, a commercial flat roof is easier to install, and maintenance is hassle-free. However, there are some maintenance tasks that you must routinely undertake to ensure that the roof lasts long. Here are some simple commercial flat roof maintenance tips:  

Check for any damage 

It is easy to neglect your roof unless there are visible signs of damage. It is important that you should perform a basic inspection at regular intervals because leaves, twigs, and other forms of debris tend to get accumulated on flat roofs. This can cause moisture retention and lead to damage. Watch out for cracks, ridges, and blisters. When the problems are detected and repaired in time, you can prevent expensive repairs.  

Keep your commercial flat roof clean 

As we just said, unlike the case of pitched roofs, debris can accumulate very easily on flat roofs. So, it is important to carry out regular cleaning. Thankfully, flat roofs are much easier and safer to walk on compared to slanted roofs, which makes cleaning easier. Use a broom to sweep off leaves, branches, dirt, and anything else the weather blew up there, but take care not to stand on the roof. It is best to clean your commercial flat roof once before and after the winter.  

Keep weight off the roof 

Your roof is built to be strong and durable. It can withstand exposure to elements, but an excessive build-up of snow and ice can cause the roof to bow. Depending on how much snow and ice your area gets and the condition of your roof, excessive weight can even cause your roof to collapse. So, it is important to remove snow and ice from the roof. However, it can be tricky and dangerous. You can even end up damaging the roof. So, it is best to call in a professional for snow removal.  

Trim nearby trees 

If there are any overhanging branches of nearby trees on your commercial flat roof, you should regularly trim them back. These branches can rub against your roof and scrape it. Worse still, strong winds can cause these branches to break off and fall on the roof, causing extensive damage. Trimming nearby vegetation will reduce the debris falling on the roof. It will also improve airflow, thereby preventing water from accumulating on the roof after rainfall.  

Do not ignore leaks 

Leaks of any kind and size should never be ignored. Roofs may begin to leak due to age, damage, or several other reasons. However, you must fix these leaks as soon as possible to prevent further damage. If ignored, the damage can quickly spread, and you will be forced to undertake expensive repairs.  

Avoid walking on the roof 

Foot traffic can cause a lot of damage to a commercial flat roof. It can cause punctures that can result in leaks. If there is any equipment installed on your roof, the personnel maintaining them should take extra precautions while walking on the roof. Many commercial building owners install walkway pads to prevent damage to their roofs.  

Keep the drainage system clear 

Flat roofs will accumulate water if the drainage system is not working properly. Make sure the drains, gutters, and vents are not clogged with leaves, sticks, gravel, and other debris. The drainage system should be working efficiently to move water off your roof and away from the building.  

Period inspection and maintenance of your commercial flat roof by professionals can go a long way in enhancing the lifespan of your roof. Get in touch with our team to know more about our maintenance packages.