New Deck Design Ideas

The weather in Connecticut is starting to get better and better as we head into the spring and early summer. You know what that means, more time outside! This time of the year we continually field inquiries about new deck building. Many people are looking for the best way to design their outdoor space to maximize comfort, enjoyment, and keep costs relatively low. Let us take a look at different design elements that will help you get started on your building.

Built-in cooking space

It’s no secret that most people gather to host events and have family time centered around food! In our opinion, an outdoor cooking space on your deck is a must-have when building. A detached grill is good, but if you can incorporate a built-in cooking space it makes your outdoor space even better.



It’s great to enjoy your deck on a hot summer day, but a comfortable summer night can be even better. There are many ways to incorporate lighting into your outdoor space. Trex and other manufacturers offer completely customizable lighting to help you make the most of your new deck. You may want to consider floor, post, hanging or lantern style lighting when deck building.



Fire pits

Adding a fire pit to your space is another excellent way to enjoy your outdoor space in the evening. We fully customize your deck building to feature a built-in electric or gas fire pit.


Built-in seating

Be sure you have the space to accommodate a lot of guests when you host parties and events. The best way to do this is by adding built-in seating to your new deck. Built-in seating also allows you to open up your space while still providing adequate seating. We recommend adding traditional seating, hammocks, storage benches, or L-shaped comfort seating to your new deck.


Deep and wide stairs

Something about wide stairs helps open up the outdoor space. They add a special element to your new deck and allow you to get more space out of your area. Wide stairs can even serve a dual purpose as seating when you have big gatherings.



Having two levels on your new deck adds another special element to the outdoor space. The multiple stories allow for different uses for each level and add a cool area for reading or study.


Pool or jacuzzi view

If you have a pool or jacuzzi, consider adding a new deck to complement the space. The water is the focus, but it’s surroundings decide how the overall space comes together. A new deck to surround your pool will allow you to have the best pool parties in the neighborhood!


Those are just some of the options you have when considering deck building. If you are ready to start, be sure to contact us for help designing and to see product samples. Our builders at JPW Building are seasoned builders with years of experience.

All photos courtesy of Trex Decking