Gutter guards are known to greatly reduce the risk of damage to your home due to clogged gutters and accumulated water. However, many people still wonder whether or not they need gutter guards and whether or not it is worth their time and money. The reality is that a lot of homeowners realize the importance of gutter guards only after they encounter a substantial problem, which requires a thorough clean-up or a costly gutter repair.

What exactly are gutter guards?

Gutter guards, also known as gutter covers or gutter screens are a simple attachment designed to prevent debris from entering your rain gutters. They allow water to flow into your gutters while blocking unwanted debris such as leaves, twigs, and more from collecting in your gutters. Gutter guards reduce the amount of gutter cleaning required and save you money in the long run.

Why is it worth investing in gutter guards?

Gutter guards perform a simple yet important function. You may not understand how important they are until rainwater accumulates on your roof because the gutters were choked and the water had nowhere to go. Here are some good reasons you should have gutter guards installed in your home:

Save time, money, and effort

Gutter guards prevent debris from accumulating in your gutters and clogging them up. If you don’t have gutter guards, you will need to have your gutters cleaned regularly by a professional. Some people risk climbing up and cleaning the gutter on their own, but it’s a risk not worth taking and without the right tools you will not be able to clean your gutters properly. Eventually, you will have to seek professional gutter cleaning services and it will cost you money.

It is important to note that some debris will collect on the top of the gutter guards as well but gutter guards are much easier to clean than the clogged-up gutters. Gutter guards need much less maintenance compared to gutters. Once you have gutter guards in place, your gutters would need cleaning less frequently.

Reduce the risk of ice dams

While gutter guards cannot directly prevent ice dams but they can reduce the risk by keeping your gutters clear of all obstructions through cold weather. Clean gutters offer a clear path for snowmelt to move away from your roof rather than allowing it to backup and refreeze. Here, we would like to emphasize the importance of ensuring that the gutter guards are of good quality and installed properly. When gutter guards are old, poorly installed, or ineffective, they can buckle under the weight of snow or ice and prevent proper drainage through the gutters.

Prevent pest infestation

Guards can prevent squirrels, bats, mosquitoes, spiders, birds, and other insects and vermin from entering and breeding in your gutters. These pesky pests can otherwise make their way into the roof space of your home and cause a lot of damage and trouble. From a health standpoint, clogged gutters provide a perfect environment for mosquitoes to breed freely in a clustered environment. For your family’s safety, installing guard grad as a preventive measure is a necessary step. 

Reduce the risk of fire

Leaves twigs, paper, and other such debris that collects in your gutters and downspouts can pose a serious fire risk. Flying ambers from barbeque are enough to light the debris in your gutter and cause a fire. With no debris in your gutters, there is no risk of this kind of fire.

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