3 Steps to Get Your Roof Ready for Spring

Today we’re going to be discussing how you can get your roof ready for spring! Spring has sprung- now what do you do? People commonly associate spring with cleaning, hence the popular phrase “just doing some spring cleaning”. There are so many things to get done around your house; from raking straggling fall leaves out of the flowerbeds, to giving your grass a good water, or organizing your kitchen cabinet. Maybe it’s something about the fresh air and the chattering birds, or maybe it’s the feeling of revival as we open our eyes and sunshine pours down onto us after a long, cold winter. Whatever it is, it’s time to get your roof ready for spring!  

1. Get Your Annual Roof Inspection Done

The first thing you’ll want to do to get your roof ready for spring is to get an inspection done! You want to make sure you are on top of your roof maintenance, regardless of if your roof is 5 years old or turning 15- every roof needs a good inspection. We recommend having a professional inspection every spring, just to be safe. Because in reality, it can be difficult to tell what sort of condition your roof is in without getting an up-close and personal look at it! That’s why booking an inspection appointment is critical in caring for your roof, and ultimately your home!  

Get Your Roof Ready for Spring

If you’d like, before booking an appointment you can inspect your roof yourself! However- only get on your roof if you feel comfortable and safe. If you decide to do a self-inspection before having a professional inspection done, the first thing to do is remove all debris that may have fallen on your roof. With a clean, clear roof it will be much easier to see if any damage has been done during the winter, and then, you can know what to look for. This is a great step to get your roof ready for spring.

If your shingles show any of these signs, you’re going to want to call an expert roofing contractor to come by and take a look at your roof. (By the way- estimates are typically free!) The next thing you can do to get your roof ready for spring is to:

2. Clean out the gutters

This can be a step that gets forgotten- but it is essential in getting your roof ready for spring. You definitely don’t want to have backed up gutters, water splashing off your roof from every angle, so make sure you clear out the leaves and debris to make sure your gutters are working properly. You don’t need anything fancy to do this, just a ladder to climb up on and gloves for your hands. Again- only do this if you feel comfortable.

Leaves and branches can easily get caught in your gutter. But there’s a simple solution to fixing this problem! Something that can help with future gutter clogging is to put up a metal mesh screening over your downspouts. By creating this barrier that still allows water to seep through your drains, you can stop sticks and leaves from clogging up your gutter- thus preparing you for the joyous outdoor relaxation that comes with spring weather.   

3. Check Your Attic to Get Your Roof Ready for Spring

This is an important step to get your roof ready for spring! You can get an inside look into your roofing system when you check your roof from the inside of your attic. Things you’ll want to look for are mainly holes of any size. If you have holes (with or without leaks) you’ll want to call your roofing contractor immediately. You want to get ahead of the problem proactively, rather than taking the reactive approach, waiting for something to happen and then address it. Although regardless of what shape your roof is in, we’ve got you covered.

Get Your Roof Ready for Spring

When checking out your attic you’ll want to check for any water damage coming in from the roof. This can be problematic because it causes an added risk in producing mold growth- and that’s the last thing you want causing erosion in your attic.

You’ll also want to evaluate the area where the chimney is, if you have one. Check the sealing around the bricks and make sure there’s no water leakage there as well. While you’re up there, check the insulation. Your attic must be properly insulated for your house’s protection. See if the insulation looks snug, covering all the roofing panels and is in good condition. If insulation is falling apart or peeling off the walls, you’ll want to make sure you install new insulation.  If you’re not sure what you’re looking for, call us in and we’ll take a look!

It’s time to get your roof ready for spring. You want to make sure when summer hits your house is prepared for the heat that comes. If you have any questions, we’d be happy to answer them for you! Contact us today, we’d love to help you out with any of your roofing needs. From room repair to window installation, we’re here for you- because your roof matters! 

Call (860)546-6292 and get your free estimate today! Get your roof ready for spring today!

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