12 Ways to Get Your House Ready For Summer

In this article we are going to discuss 12 ways you can get your house ready for summer this year! You want to make sure your house is prepared for the rising heat temperatures. Let’s get started; here are the 12 easy you can get your house ready for summer:

1. Test Your Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

One thing you might need to change to get your house ready for summer is the battery in the alarm to ensure it’s working properly. Typically smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors make a chirping noise when the battery is getting low. Even if you don’t hear this, it’s still beneficial to look it over. When you’re doing this, dust it off to make sure no dust is caught inside anywhere. 

2. Check Your Thermostat

One crucial thing when you are getting your house ready for summer is to check the thermostat. You don’t want the summer heat to hit only to find your air conditioning isn’t working. Stay one step ahead! While you’re doing this you will want to get new filters for your air conditioning unit as well to get your house ready for summer .

3. Start Rotating Your Ceiling Fans Counter Clockwise.

When getting your house ready for summer it’s helpful to start rotating your ceiling fans counter clockwise to help draw up the cool air flow below. During the winter you want to do the opposite, rotating the air clockwise to draw the warm air down from above, based on the law of physics that heat rises.

4. Open Up Your Windows 

It’s helpful to let some fresh air in your house before heat fronts swoop in. (Make sure your AC isn’t on while you’re doing this) Open the windows and door to get the fresh air in your house. This is good for your house and for your own health!

If it’s already too warm outside to open up your doors and windows, you can still do so, simply do so in the evening when it’s cooler out.

5. Do Summer Landscaping

If there is any landscaping you like to have done during the summer, now is the time! Trim the bushes, plant some flowers, do whatever landscaping you’d like to have done while it’s not the sweltering heat of summer just yet.

6. Wash Your Windows

When getting your house ready for summer, washing your windows is one of the simplest, unnoticeably but best things you can do! People don’t tend to notice clean windows because they’re meant to be looked through not looked at

Although it may not be noticeable when you have clean windows, it definitely allows you to appreciate nature all the more by looking through them and not at them! However, when you have dirty windows, now that’s noticeable.

7. Clean Out Your Gutters

Another thing you can do to get your house ready for summer is to clean out your gutters. Having cleared gutters allows them to work properly when the rain comes. Clearing your gutters from branches, leaves and debris sets you up for success

8. Get Your Chimney Cleaned Out

Who knows what sort of stuff is lying around in your chimney. There’s ashes, of course, 

but there could also be dust and small pieces of debris that got caught. It’s helpful to clean out your chimney so that whatever is inside doesn’t start getting everywhere.

9. Waterproof Your Deck

To get your house ready for summer. with heat coming and the inevitability of rain as well, you want to make sure your deck won’t be affected by the weather. Something you can also consider during this time is restaining your deck, being that the color fades over time.

10. Paint The House’s Exterior or Clean Your Siding

It’s surprising how much a new paint job or a good cleaning can really impact your home! If your siding is in good condition, just wash down the siding to get it looking fresh again. If your siding is old and looking a little mangey, you might want to give it a fresh coat of paint. If you think it may need more help than that, call in the professionals and get some new siding installed!

11. Check Your Doors and Windows

In the hotter months things are more apt to swell due to the heat. Your door is one of those things that may just be impacted the most by this. If this has been an issue in the past you can loosen your door hinges a bit to give some extra breathing room for your door. 

To get your house ready for summer also check your windows! This is something that should be done all year round, but you can check and make sure windows sealant and make sure no hot hair is coming inside when your air conditioning is running. In the winter it’s important to do the same to keep heat costs low and keep the cold air outside.

12. Get Your Roof Inspected To Get Your House Ready For Summer

To get your house ready for summer, have your annual roof inspection done! First, you can check your roof yourself if you’d like! Look for missing or loose shingles, any major discoloration or indentation. After you’ve done this, have your roof looked at to see if there are any major issues. Go ahead and call your roofing contractor in to take a look at it.

I hope these 12 tips were helpful as you get your house ready for summer!

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