Spruce up your home for fall

To spruce up your home for fall, the way is to start by doing a light cleaning of the area. It’s a good idea to wash your windows, wipe down any shelves that have accumulated dust and give your house a general light cleaning before you start your home improvements and festive decorating.   


  1. Replace or Repair Your Roof                                                                                                                                                                It’s important to have you roof inspected annually. If you are in need of a check-in, call in the professionals for an inspection and estimate. Staying on top of your roof maintenance is crucial for maintaining your house!
  2. Check your gutter                                                                                                                                                                                  Fall is a great time to check and make sure your gutters are clean, free of debris and in full working order. 
  3. Consider having new siding installed                                                                                                                                              We’ve now added James Hardie siding to offerings for siding! James Hardie is made with Portland Cement, sand, water, and cellulous wood fibers. In the process of creating these products there are additives infused in that make the siding non-combustible, water resistant, and keep termites and other critters away because of the density of the material.
  4. Add  some patio furniture                                                                                                                                                                  If it’s not too cold yet, add some nice fall seating to your porch so you can enjoy the fall mornings and afternoons outside before winter hits. And when the cold weather hits, make sure to cover your outdoor seating or move it into a garage or basement.
  5. Decorate

        Put some pumpkins outside. Decorate your yard with festive scarecrows, corn, pumpkins, and other fun fall                    décor.   


  1. Add pictures to your walls or put them in frames on a side table to spruce up your home for fall

       Pictures are kept on cell phones now and they aren’t kept out as much. Add a few pictures to a side table of your         favorite memories.

  1. Add candles for a fall scent

        What adds more character to a beautifully decorated home than the scent of a fall candle? Get yourself ready            for the season by lighting a candle that smells like pumpkin spice or warm vanilla.

  1. Change fabrics to a warmer color to contrast the cool                                                                                                             Adding some warm colors 
  1. Add some fall décor

        It’s never a bad idea to decorate for fall by putting out some fake pumpkins. As temperatures outside are                      dropping toss some blankets on some of your armchairs around the house!

        You can add corn, and other festive decorations. Scattering some fun festive décor around your living area is a            great way to prepare yourself for the changing season and for upcoming holidays!

  1. Put a new plant in your kitchen or living room

        Even if you don’t think you have a green thumb, you should definitely give plants a try! They put fresh oxygen in            the air and make for a great natural air purifying (that is so cute and fun too).

And More

  1. Do that small remodeling project you’ve been  wanting to do                                                                     Do you have any small projects you’ve been 

        wanting to do but have been putting off for one                  reason or another?

  1. Reprogram your thermostat

        You don’t want to let the cold hitting you                                in the middle of the night to be your reminder that              you haven’t turned up your heat yet. Program your              thermostat when temperatures start dropping.                    Remember too that if there’s no one home                            during the day you can

  1. Clean your furnace and put in a new filter

        It’s important to have fresh air circulating in the                  winter, since you won’t be keeping your doors and              windows open like you may do in the spring and                  summer. You may also need to consider winterizing          your outdoor air conditioning unit. Click here to learn          more about what this entails.

  1. Look for gaps and cracks in your insulation.

       Prior to the cold hitting, take a look at your attic. If               you are able, looking at your attic during the day is a         good idea; then you are able to see if there is sun               coming in anywhere, which means there is a crack in        your insulation.

  1. Insulate your pipes

       With the weather changing drastically your water               pipes will be in shock. It’s important to insulate your           pipes so they won’t be in shock when the frigid cold           weather hits. Wrapping your pipes with a foam                     sleeve is essential for protecting your pipes from all           kinds of weather-induced damage.

  1. Bring out your seasonal bedding to spruce up your home for fall

        Swap out your sheets and mattress for warmer                    bedding for the colder months; and swap out your              summer clothing with your spring and fall clothes.


  1. Check your carbon monoxide and smoke detectors

        You want to make sure your detectors have new batteries and are still working properly.

  1. Check your water heater

        Over time your water heater can easily develop leaks, have harmful residue build-up, corrosion and even                      potential danger of explosion. 


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