12 Roofing Materials You Can Put on Your Home


Many homeowners rarely think about the roof over their heads keeping them dry, most probably feel that replacement is rarely necessary. However, their tune can quickly change when there is a leak and they suddenly notice damage in their attic and on their ceilings. There are many types of roofing materials that homeowners can have […]

Does the Sun Hurt My Roof?

Summer is quickly coming to a close! This season in Connecticut has been one with brutally hot, sunny, and days with erratic temperatures. We have all heard the push from the medical community warning about the dangers of the sun on our skin, but does the sun hurt my roof? UV Rays If you can […]

Summertime Roof Maintenance

Summertime…what an awesome time of year, sunshine, warm temps and fun days! As you know, with warm temperature comes the threat of severe weather which can produce strong winds, heavy rain and even hail. Let’s take a look at some of the summer roof maintenance actions you can take to protect your roof. One precaution […]