Portland CT Roof Replacement

Portland Roof and Skylight Replacement

Portland CT Roof Replacement

This job in Portland consisted multiple replacements. An overview of what needed to be done for the customer was: skylight, roof, and roof deck replacement.

First, the crew started by taking off the existing roof and repairing damaged plywood on the roof deck. As seen in the picture below, the roof deck is a flat roof that can be walked on and treated like a deck.  After this was replaced, a self-adhering plywood decking seam tape was applied to the roof deck to give protection and take extra precaution. This tape was applied to all remaining exposed seams in the roof deck as well as the synthetic underlayment.

After that, the roof’s eaves and rakes had to be redone on this Portland roof repair. The customer chose a white edge metal flashing that we furnished and installed on the eaves and rakes.

Next was the protective covering. Ice Dam Prevention had to be done and the roof needed to have a protective covering to keep harmful branches and debris from impairing the shingles and roof structure on this Portland house. So, a self-adhering ice and water shielding was applied. This adhesive was put on the eaves, valleys, junctions, all around roof penetrations, and any low slope section the project manager deemed beneficial.

Portland CT Roof Replacement

The shingles installed on the rest of the house were asphalt Owen’s Corning TruDefinition Duration shingles. New chimney flashing, roof ventilation, hip and ridge caps, and fasteners were installed. Steel roofing nails were used to hold the shingles in place for this house in Portland.

For this house they also had new skylights installed, as can be seen in the picture above.

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