Why You Should Perform Regular Roof Maintenance


When we visit a home for a free roofing estimate, we find that many homeowners are surprised when we ask them if they perform regular roof maintenance. Much of the people we talk with do not even know that roof maintenance is something they consider doing or is effective. They believe that by dealing with […]

Where Is My Roof Leaking?


April showers bring…you know the rest of the saying. Every year, spring brings Connecticut rain. With that rain, homeowners will commonly notice roof leaking. This roof leaking can come in the form of slow drips that occasionally make their way into the bucket you found in your garage and brought into your kitchen. Or, they […]

Roof Inspection Checklist

Norwich, CT Roof Replacement

Although you may not think about it, your roof takes a lot of abuse over the course of its lifespan. In particular, the weather we experience in New England can be very difficult. It isn’t totally uncommon for us to have 80-degree days and snowstorms within a week! As we approach spring, let our Connecticut […]

Recovering from Winter Roof Damage


Winter in New England can be brutal. Thankfully, our 2020 winter has been relatively tame compared to recent years. Although we got off lucky this year, there’s still a chance your home sustained some winter roof damage while battling the elements. Here are some ways to begin recovering from winter roof damage. Ice dams Ice […]

Spring Home Improvement Projects


Ah, spring is starting to show in New England! It’s a perfect time to begin working on some spring home improvement projects. Here are some of our favorites. Gutter cleaning Your gutters and drainpipes are important accessory fixtures to your home. Without them, rainwater and snow can cause severe damage to your foundation, fascia, roof, […]

Is It Time For a Roof Inspection?


Is It Time For a Roof Inspection? Just like anything else, a roof will wear over time and begin to not work as efficiently as it would in new condition. To ensure that you can prevent a roofing problem before it starts, it’s best to have your roof inspected regularly. Hiring a professional Connecticut roofing […]

Best Ways to Prevent Costly Roof Replacement


Best Ways to Prevent Costly Roof Replacement The best thing you can do for your wallet and your roof is to take care of what you have. Here are some of the best ways to prevent costly roof replacement or other structural issues with your home.   Have your roof professionally inspected It is important […]

Signs Your Roof Will Sustain Water Damage

Signs Your Roof Will Sustain Water Damage

Signs Your Roof Will Sustain Water Damage The best kind of home maintenance is prevention! That’s why it’s so important to take a look around your home and roof to look for signs that a problem will occur before it does. Let’s talk about some of the common signs that your roof will sustain water […]

Curled Shingles – What Do You Do Next?


Curled Shingles – What Do You Do Next? Shingles can begin to curl for a variety of reasons. Regardless of the reason for them curling, the problem should be fixed as soon as possible. Sometimes, it’s possible to repair a few of these shingles, but the curling could be a sign of a larger problem. […]

Commercial Roofing Maintenance Tips


Flat roofs need special attention and maintenance when compared to steeper slope roofing. Although all kinds of roofing need maintenance and inspection, there are certain things to consider while taking proper care of your flat roof. Let’s learn about some of the most important things to keep in mind. Regularly check roof drainage Although this […]